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Join NEPAD at a session on Resilient Landscapes through Sustainable Land Management

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 12pm – 2pm
The African Pavillon

The TerrAfrica Partnership, led by the NEPAD Agency, has been in existence for the past 10 years now. Established to support efforts of African governments towards scaling up evidence based action on sustainable land and water management (SLWM), it has succeeded in generating continuous interest and support among African governments to pursue a programmatic approach in addressing the challenge of land degradation on the continent and now boasts of about 26 active African member countries.

Led by the NEPAD agency and through collaboration with the World Bank and the concerted effort of all its partners, TerrAfrica has endeavored to build a Resilient Landscapes Initiative and will among other things, target to achieve the restoration of 30 million hectares of land by 30 million households in African landscapes by 2030. This mobilization shall promote the use of a landscape approach to ensure that natural resources are used and managed in an inclusive manner, centered on people’s social, economic and environmental welfare.

African experiences, successes and challenges alike, regarding the landscape approach to sustainable land management will be important in driving this target. It is in this context that the side event on Building Resilient landscapes through sustainable land management is held.

Martin Bwalya
Head of Programme Development, Programme Implementation and Coordination Directorate

The NEPAD Resilient Landscapes Initiative
Mamadou Diakhite
Team Leader, Sustainable Land and Water Management

The Landscape Approach in Liberia
Harrison S. Karnwea
Managing Director Forest Development Authority

Mozambique’s experience with landscape approach
Aristides Muate
Technical assistant REDD+ Technical unit

Priorities of the landscape approach in the COMIFAC countries
M. Emmanuel Manirakiza
President COMIFAC. Minister of Water, Environment, Land and Urban Planning

Landscape Approach and Poverty
Andrea Kutter
Senior Operations Officer Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice
World Bank

The Bonn Challenge
Horst Freiberg
Head of Division of Forest Conservation and Sustainable Management of Forests, Biological Diversity and Climate Change, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Scaling Up Regreening: Six Steps To Success
Robert Winterbottom
Senior Fellow

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Sept 9: Resilient landscapes through Sustainable Land Management

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