Strategic Investment Program


The Strategic Investment Program for Sustainable Land Management in sub-Saharan Africa: A powerful partnership for improving livelihoods and revitalizing degraded lands.


The Strategic Investment Program for Sustainable Land Management in sub-Saharan Africa (SIP) responds to the region’s urgent need to address land degradation and improve natural resource-based livelihoods in a sustainable way. SIP applies the TerrAfrica strategic approach of strengthening African leadership in building coalitions, sharing knowledge and aligning and leveraging investment responses.

The TerrAfrica Strategic Investment Program provided $150 million of land degradation funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to Sub-Saharan Africa. It attracted co-financing of about $800 million (estimates from project PIF) through its portfolio of 36 projects in 26 countries: 28 national projects,  4 transboundary river basin/watershed projects and 5 regional projects addressing specific themes.

The portfolio started implementation in 2010, almost all projects are near completion with support from AfDB, FAO, IFAD, UNDP, UNEP, and the World Bank in close coordination with the NEPAD Agency, Regional Economic Commissions (RECs) and countries. It was also executed with the Governments and in collaboration with many other development partners. Following the inclusion of land degradation as being eligible for GEF financing in 2002, the SIP was the first opportunity to give a high profile and visibility to the importance of promoting Sustainable Land Management (SLM)  in Africa. To learn more about lessons from the SIP, READ.