Agricultural Markets and Agribusiness Development Project

Lead agency

World Bank

SLM Focal Point

Amaodou Daouda Dia

Country Focal Point

Amaodou Daouda Dia

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Project Development Objective

  • To improve competitiveness of selected domestic supply chains, increase non-traditional agricultural exports and increase rice production in project areas.
  • The development objective of the first phase of the Agricultural Markets and Agribusiness.

Development Program is to increase non-traditional agricultural exports and farm revenues for project producers. The end-of-project outcome indicators will be as follows:

  1. An increase of non-traditional agricultural exports from the 2004 level of 13,000 tons to 30,000 tons by 2010; and
  2. A 60 percent increase in farm incomes of small family farms, the project’s primary target group.

Component 1: Improving Domestic Marketing Conditions:

This component aims at improving food safety and the performance of the domestic distribution channels for crop and livestock products. This component comprises four subcomponents:

  1. Domestic Supply Chains Consolidation;
  2. Rural Market Infrastructure;
  3. Knowledge Management; and
  4. Development of Animal Products Markets.

Component 2: Development of Agricultural Exports:

This component aims at expanding non-traditional agricultural exports (i.e., horticultural products, confectionary nuts, essential oils and spices, and processed foodstuffs) by leveraging the results achieved under the pilot

Agricultural Export Promotion Project (AEPP). This component comprises three subcomponents:

  1. In novation and Quality Management
  2. Agricultural Export Infrastructure; and
  3. Building Agricultural Export Institutions

The component aims at promoting demand-driven, public-private partnership for investments in irrigation to support the expansion of agribusiness across Senegal. This component comprises four subcomponents:

  1. Construction of Public Irrigation Infrastructures in the Senegal River Delta;
  2. Promotion of irrigation for crop diversification in the Senegal River Delta;
  3. Promotion of Micro-irrigation for Crop Diversification in the Niayes zone, the Groundnut Basin and Tambacounda Region; and
  4. Knowledge Management and Strategic Studies

Component 3: Project Coordination and M&E:

The component will ensure sound planning and coordination of project activities and effective use of resources. It comprises two subcomponents:

  1. Coordination and management; and
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of the project’s performances
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