Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Poverty Eradication Programme

The vision behind the Rwanda Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Poverty Eradication Programme is that of a ‘Rwandan Renaissance’, changing the development trajectory of the country away from subsistence agriculture towards a sustainable mixed economy. The means of achieving this will be through ecosystem rehabilitation coupled with livelihood improvements.

The programme’s goal is to improve the livelihoods of Rwanda’s rural poor through the rehabilitation of Rwanda’s degraded ecosystems using a community based participatory watershed development approach.

The programme’s objective is the environmentally sound, sustainable, integrated socio-economic development of small watersheds through:

  • Concentration and intensification of crop production on the most suitable ‘economic’ land
  • Using unsuitable, steep ‘ecological’ land for income generating soil conservation
    activities such as afforestation, horticulture, cut and carry fodder cropping
  • Using the pool of unemployed rural labour to carry out paid soil and water conservation works on both economic and ecological land
  • Integration with the promotion of income generating alternative livelihoods
  • Reducing land degradation, soil erosion and river sediment loads through ecosystem