Natural Resources Management in a Changing Climate

Lead agency
World Bank



SLM Focal Point

Alamir Sina Toure

Country Focal Point

Alamir Sina Toure

Contact Information

+223. 66.83.62 17 /20 231074

The Project Development Objective (PDO)

To improve sustainable natural resources management and promote adaptive livelihoods diversification in targeted Communes in Mali.

Project Components

Component 1: Strengthening institutions at national and local levels in support to SLWM and livelihoods diversification

This component will support policy and institutional strengthening, improving enabling environments to scale up sustainable land and water management and build national and local level capacities to implement, harmonize and coordinate investments and policies sustaining alternative livelihoods at local level, including ecotourism.

Component 2: Making investments to support SLWM practices and promote livelihoods diversification

The main objective of this component is to improve the performance of the agro-sylvo-pastoral sectors, including generation of renewable energy, and to promote alternative livelihoods, particularly ecotourism, at the level of local communities. Activities will strengthen the management of natural resources by promoting adaptive community-based SLWM practices and favor the active participation of local communities, mainly vulnerable people in conservation and promotion of alternative livelihoods.

Component 3: Knowledge management and Project co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation

This component will support the Government at the national and local levels to generate and share SLWM knowledge and implement and manage the project.

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