Strategic investment programme for sustainable land management in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lead Agency:
World Bank

Ministry of Environment


Agnes Yobterik

Country Focal Point:

Agnes Yobterik

Contact Information:

+254. 72.282.3886

In the last decades, population growth and the resulting expansion in agriculture and livestock production have increased pressures on land and natural resources. Among the main land degradation processes currently taking place are water erosion, soil nutrient depletion, deforestation and degradation of dryland pastures. Around 30% of Kenya is affected by very severe or severe land degradation. Land degradation has important consequences for the productivity of agricultural land and other natural resources, and is closely linked to poverty. Land degradation is leading to reduced agricultural yields, reduced availability of (fuel) wood resources and Non Timber Forest Products, and lower productivity and increased drought vulnerability in pasture lands.