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Soil and Terrain Database for
Central Africa

The compilation of a Soils and Terrain database for Central Africa (SOTERCAF) forms a part of the ongoing activities to update the world’s baseline information on natural resources. The present SOTERCAF database has been compiled by merging all existing data on soils in the Central Africa region.

The data and maps have been compiled using standardized SOTER procedures and resulted in a soil and terrain database for the Democratic Republic of Congo at a scale of 1:2 Million with a total of 144 SOTER units, for Burundi and Rwanda both at a scale of 1:1 Million with a total of 56 and 41 SOTER units respectively. About one hundred and sixty described and analyzed soil profiles have been included in the database. Landform and lithological information is also included.

The SOTER-GIS files are presented in ArcInfo@ format as coverage and export files with geographic coordinates in decimal degrees and with datum WGS84. SOTER attribute data have been stored in a relational database system in MSAccess@ format. A number of thematic maps –landform, lithology, dominant soils- are presented in Arcinfo@ shape files.