Benin Forests and Adjacent Lands Management Project

Project Development Objective:

The original project development objective is to assist the recipient in its effort to lay the foundation for a collective integrated ecosystem management system for its forests and adjacent lands.

Project description

Component 1: Institutional Support and Capacity Building

Aims to support construction and rehabilitation of forest department infrastructure at the local level and to procure equipment and vehicles essential for forest surveillance and patrolling by decentralized foresters. This is key for the effective implementation of the participatory forest-management plans (PFMPs).

The component will also finance capacity-building activities, including training in integrated ecosystem management for key stakeholders involved in the implementation of the PFMPs-namely, the local government, the communes, user associations (including traditional decision-making authorities), community-based organizations, and local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). After project closure, these key stakeholders will have acquired the capacity needed to continue co-managing the gazetted forests in cooperation with forest department staff to ensure sustainability of project results.

Component 2: Community-Based Management of Forest

Aims to finance the demarcation of forest boundaries, restoration of degraded surfaces, rehabilitation of old plantations, enhancement of agro-forestry, and management of rangelands and protected zones for longterm conservation of the forests.

The project will also (i) finance purchase of improved seeds and additional technical capacity building for local agricultural producers where needed, in order to ensure sustainable management of agricultural lands adjacent to the forests; and (ii) expand the development of community microprojects and income-generating activities in order to increase local benefits and reduce human pressure on the forests.

Component 3: Sustainable Fuel Wood Production and Marketing

Aims to support the creation of rural wood markets and fuel-wood plantations to cover the entire project intervention area.

Component 4: Endowment of a Conservation Trust Fund

Aims to contribute to the endowment of a conservation trust fund being set up by the Government of Benin to ensure long-term financing of the core recurrent costs of the Northern Savannah national parks.

Component 5: Project Management

This component aims to support the current project management unit at the Department of Forests and Natural Resource (DGFRN) through technical capacity building and monitoring and evaluation of project activities.