June 5, 2017 | News

A preview of self-paced version of Landscape Approach 101 e-course portal.

Good news. The self-paced version of Landscape Approach 101 e-course is now available for TerrAfrica community.

The Landscape-based Approach is increasingly recognized as an effective means to address challenges in food security, ecosystem conservation, and climate change. This e-course explains key features of landscape approach, governance, and showcases. It presents useful tools in design and implementation of landscape interventions. It requires 4-5 hours of online learning.

“‘Landscape 101’ shows that large-scale transformational change across an entire landscape is possible. Understanding and implementing critical steps, such as giving long-term land use rights to smallholders, penning livestock, or letting trees regenerate can lead to amazing results in just a decade. It’s an exciting time to replicate the enormous success we had for example on China’s Loess Plateau, where we were able to increase food security and lift farmers out of poverty by giving ecosystems a break.” — Juergen Voegele, Senior Director, Agriculture, World Bank “What would it take to transform rural areas into resilient landscapes?”

You can find it here: https://olc.worldbank.org/content/landscape-approach-101-self-paced.

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