February 16, 2017 | Latest Publications

Land for Life

Becoming land degradation neutral is not simply about restoring degraded lands. It is about self-interest making sure the land can still provide food and fresh water for us, our children, and to the third and fourth generations. In this edition of “Land for Life” TerrAfrica contributed three articles, “Restoring the Resilience of Ethiopia’s Highlands People and Landscapes” by Madjiguene Seck together with “A programmatic Approach for Transformational Changes” and “Integrated Solutions and Landscape Restoration through Innovative Solutions in the Horn of Africa” both by Gayatri Kanungo . There are also TerrAfrica pictures (Pages: 74, 96-125, 138) amongst many, which share the transformation and testimonies of families and communities rising from ruin and thriving, and of a restored man-made desert spawning a millionaire after rehabilitation. Read in English and French.

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