An open knowledge platform that engages the global community in conversations that drive local action

This activity line provides a platform for TerrAfrica partners to identify, generate, and disseminate targeted knowledge that supports decision-making, informs policymaking, advances mainstreaming (in particular in PRSPs, donor strategies and sector plans), helps secure domestic financing, and supports the harmonization of monitoring and evaluation activities by governments, donors, and civil society organizations. Knowledge is channeled to support investments on the ground undertaken by governments, donors and civil society under Activity Line 3.


  1. Support high quality regional knowledge based mechanisms.
  2. Identify and generate stronger analytical underpinnings.
  3. Harmonize monitoring and evaluation systems.

Activities and Results

  1. The partnership produced several publications in 2009 highlighting the land and climate nexus to inform Africa decision-makers and other SLWM stakeholders.
  2. Lesson sharing among countries has contributed to the development of improved investment frameworks.
  3. The Country Support Tool Version 1.0 supported the development of national investment programmes. Version 2.0 will be delivered in 2010.
  4. The Land and Climate SAG facilitates information exchange and outreach to support country policies and investments.

Knowledge Products

Knowledge Base (ver 1.0 )

The Knowledge Base, online at the beginning of 2008, provides a broad range of stakeholders with access to niche tools, information and data on SLWM approaches in Sub-Saharan Africa, and provides mechanisms to update, disseminate and align knowledge on issues relating to SLWM for stakeholders at all levels.

Knowledge Base

Country Support Tool

The Country Support Toolis the key operational document to guide this process at national level, providing the technical reference for teams to identify and formulate a comprehensive and coherent country program to combat land degradation and promote SLWM, on the basis of analytical and diagnostic work that develops the understanding of the main domestic SLWM adoption bottlenecks and up-scaling opportunities. The tool is a living, but non-prescriptive document, that provides guidance on each potential stage of the CSIF process, including partnership building and implementation, stocktaking and diagnostics, CSIF identification and formulation, and investment design and programming.

Country Support Tool

Landscape Measures Resource Center

Landscape Measures Resource Center (LMRC) is a collection of ideas and tools to aid in managing areas where interests in protecting biodiversity, producing food and securing rural livelihoods converge. The LMRC is rooted in the premise that measurement enhances management. Learning to measure how landscapes perform in delivering food, biodiversity and livelihood outcomes is anticipated to endow management systems with the capacity to sustain these multiple functions while reducing or reversing the degradation of natural resources.