October 22, 2018 | Latest Publications News


An independent terminal evaluation was conducted of the TerrAfrica Partnership and the TerrAfrica Leveraging Fund (TLF) by Okapi Environmental Consulting Inc. (OECI), in order to provide an analysis of the performance of the TerrAfrica partnership and platform in meeting its stated objectives; and to assess the effectiveness and impact of the TerrAfrica Leveraging Fund (TLF), as a mechanism to achieve the platform’s investment objectives, as well as the sustainability of program interventions and their impacts. TerrAfrica was launched in 2004 and this final evaluation examines the achievements and challenges observed during the life cycle of this programming with a particular focus on the results over the 2013-2018 period and makes recommendations for a potential future phase. 

The evaluation was based on an assessment framework that included criteria for effectiveness, efficiency, relevant and sustainability, and various indicators related to the quantitative and qualitative assessment of results and impacts. The analysis also includes an assessment of the Theory of Change and intervention logic, and of potential factors of success or challenges. Read More

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