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  • Where people and their land are safer

    Every day throughout the African continent and the world, disasters undermine people’s capacities to develop and recover: prolonged droughts, floods and other events harm fertile landscapes and cause major destruction across many communities.  Ongoing depletion of natural resources limits people’s options to sustain their livelihoods and makes them more vulnerable to the perils to come. […]


    Nigeria – Africa’s largest economy – backs land restoration with 4-million-hectare pledge Johannesburg, November 29, 2017 –  Nigeria has pledged to restore 4 million hectares of degraded land by 2030 as part of the AFR100 Initiative and Bonn Challenge, signalling the continuing drive across Africa to bring back productivity to its land. Twenty-six nations across […]

  • Land conference ends with call on Africa to enact policies that will harness youth potential

    The four-day Conference on Land Policy in Africa ended Friday in Addis Ababa with Economic Commission for Africa’s Chief of Staff, Collen Kelapile, urging Africa to enact policies that will harness the tremendous potential of its youth. Addressing delegates who attended the conference, Mr. Kelapile said Africa’s youth represent the future and therefore expect their […]

  • Action4Climate video challenge by Connect4Climate

    The Uniting4Climate International VR Pitch Competition asks for a pitch – a proposal for a VR production in the form of a 400-word description and a 1-minute sample video – that will use the particular qualities of VR to illustrate and explain to best effect climate solutions and action, inspiring the unity behind solving the […]

  • Climate Change Online Learning

    Welcome to Climate Change Online Learning. This is the one-stop-shop providing access to well-researched, cutting edge knowledge around climate change to all. Dive through our catalog of i) virtually facilitated and self- paced e-Courses; and ii) Nuggets of knowledge through Bite Size Learning/Videos. Topics: Carbon Pricing, Climate Change, Carbon Tax, Climate Finance, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Low […]

  • Ethiopia wins Gold at the 2017 Future Policy Award

    Future Policy Award crowns the World’s Best Land Restoration Policies Ethiopia wins Gold Award │ Other winning policies from China, Brazil and Jordan Hamburg / Bonn / Ordos: More people, less erosion – Ethiopia’s Tigray region demonstrates that this can be a reality: They will take home the Gold Future Policy Award 2017, beating 26 other […]

  • TerrAfrica events at COP 13

    The thirteenth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 13) to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) will be hosted by the Government of the People’s Republic of China at Ordos International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China from 6-16 September 2017. TerrAfrica will host two side events on “Fighting Land Degradation […]

  • Think about land not turf

    The Sustainable Land Management Project II recently won the prestigious President’s Award for Innovation. One among the eight awardees, the project team was commended for `Improving land rights among landless youth in Ethiopian watersheds’. Inside Africa caught up with Stephen Danyo, the task team leader for the project to learn more about the innovative approach. […]

  • Landscape approach 101 course announcement

    Good news. The self-paced version of Landscape Approach 101 e-course is now available for TerrAfrica community. The Landscape-based Approach is increasingly recognized as an effective means to address challenges in food security, ecosystem conservation, and climate change. This e-course explains key features of landscape approach, governance, and showcases. It presents useful tools in design and […]

  • Building a Convening Platform for various Landscapes Initiatives

    Political will for restoration has never been stronger. Restoration is widely understood as a key strategy to meet climate change and sustainable development goals and to secure vital food, water, and energy resources. Back in October 2015, the African Union endorsed a target to restore 100 million hectares (247 million acres) of degraded land by […]

  • Regreening heritage landscapes and revitalizing communities in the Sahel & Sahara

    Different studies and publications have documented strategies and solutions to effectively address land degradation and promote resilient landscapes in Africa, and drylands challenges have become a common denominator. The TerrAfrica Partnership recently hosted a side event at the Global Landscapes Forum during the margins of the UNFCCC COP 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco to look into […]

  • Africa – The Fire Continent: Fire in contemporary African landscapes

    Science tells us that many plant species and ecosystems in Africa benefit from fire and indeed need fire to remain healthy. Traditional farmers recognize this and have for centuries frequently burnt grasslands to stimulate and maintain their grazing potential. However, in the last 150 years, people have changed the fire cycle. They have often increased […]

  • Niger’s SLM best practice

    The government of Niger is making strides to mobilize funding for scaling –up Sustainable Land Management (SLM) through various best SLM practices in Niger. They have recently started work on documenting various best SLM practice case studies. To read more including an example on “Managed Natural Regeneration (RNA)” Related links.

  • Zero hunger in Africa by 2025 possible

    The current scenario in Africa is such that nearly one in five people is hungry. Even though hunger has decreased steadily since the mid-1990s, due to population growth, however, it has actually increased in absolute numbers.  In addition, net food imports since the early 1990s have grown to about 14 percent of the total demand. […]