• Desertification: The Invisible Frontline

    A new publication by the TerrAfrica Partner, UNCCD examines desertification as a cause of global conflict and instability and calls for urgent action to support communities in crisis.

  • Land for life: Managing land sustainably for better livelihoods

    Productive land is one of the world’s most valuable natural assets in banishing extreme poverty and creating shared prosperity. Yet land degradation—which leads to desertification and robs soil fertility—is steadily marching across large tracts of the globe, especially in Africa. This is now one of the most important environment and development issues of our time. […]

  • Check out our latest publications

    One of Terrafrica’s main business lines is knowledge management. As such, we have a built several portals to make it easier for you to access our knowledge base. We will be releasing a full suite of knowledge management tools in the near future, but for now, we invite you to check out our resources section […]

  • Resources

    Downloadable documents: Below is a partial archive of our downloadable publications. Please check back regularly as this archive is updated regularly.