• Rapid Strategic Environmental Assessment of Coffee Sector Reform in Burundi

    Coffee growing is one of the most important productive activities in Burundi. Coffee, mainly of the Arabica variety, is the country’s primary export crop. Coffee accounts for more than 60 percent of all of Burundi’s export earnings, depending on the year. Around 2.3 percent of the country’s total land area is under coffee cultivation, and […]

  • BRICKS – Regional

    Regional project for mutual learning and portfolio-wide monitoring of Sahel country projects.

  • Togo

    Addresses flood challenges with a combination of SLWM in flood prone areas, enhancement of local knowledge and institutional capacities, early warning system and community-based adaptive activities.

  • Sudan

    Supports a variety of SLWM leading to less land degradation, biodiversity conservation, and higher crop and rangeland productivity.

  • Senegal

    Supports community-based activities targeting women, sustainable and inclusive agribusiness and also land management in agricultural and dryland forest landscapes.

  • Nigeria

    Project addresses land degradation with a strategic combination of civil engineering, vegetative land management and other watershed protection measures

  • Niger

    Project builds on the Community Action Program and associated climate resilience and integrated ecosystem management projects.

  • Mauritania

    Aligned with the Mauritania Rural Sector Development Strategy, partially blended with the new Mauritania Irrigation Project, and builds on lessons from the Community Based Watershed Management Project.

  • Mali

    Project expands the adoption of SLWM in targeted communes through the implementation of an ecosystem-based adaptation approach…

  • Ghana

    Project builds on the Sustainable Land and Water Management project under implementation.

  • Ethiopia

    Project builds on the outputs of the watershed management project focusing on smallholder driven SLM practices.

  • Chad

    Project addresses drought related widespread crop failures and loss of large numbers of livestock with emergency food support, restoration of vulnerable ecosystems and capacity building.

  • Burkina Faso

    The project consolidates the accomplishments of the first and second phases of a community based rural development project.

  • Benin

    The project assists Benin in its effort to lay the foundation for multi-sector integrated ecosystem management of forests and adjacent lands.