• Agricultural training can help boost agricultural productivity in Africa

    Agriculture plays a vital role in  Africa’s  economy and it is a  source of employment for the youth. To achieve“Zero hunger in Africa”, efforts towards improving agricultural production and poverty eradication in  Africa encompass training as the most fundamental tool to achieving agricultural development. Agricultural training has the potential to address a myriad of problems […]

  • The Green Revolution as a safety net for Africa’s small-scale farmers

    Over the years, drought, soil infertility, pests and diseases besides lack of capital investments in agriculture have been the biggest impediments to the green revolution in Africa, therefore, posing a major setback to food security. The Green revolution was a major initiative aimed at boosting crop production through the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers […]

  • Lack of political goodwill constraints compliance the Maputo Declaration

    Agriculture has been described as the backbone of the economy in many countries across the globe.  For most countries, national independence is largely influenced by agricultural development as it enables the population to escape the scourge of food insecurity which undermines sovereignty and fosters sedition; it is a driver of growth whose leverage is now […]

  • Contract farming turning Africa’s soil into a source of productivity and food security

    The increased demand for agricultural products in developed countries together with globalization presents a great opportunity for the export of agricultural products from Africa. However, poor farmers in Sub Saharan Africa face several constraints that prevent them from taking advantage of these opportunities. Contract farming presents viable opportunities for linkages between growers of an agricultural […]

  • Sustainable intensive farming: Africa’s solution to low crop yields, hunger problems

    Food crisis trap that threatens the African continent is primarily the result of lack of investment in the agricultural sector. For many smallholder households trapped in poverty, land is the only significant capital asset that they have from which they can generate economic livelihoods. These households have labor but returns to this labor is low. […]

  • Mozambique joins list of African countries with field tests for genetically modified crops

    Genetically modified crops are quickly being acknowledged in Africa as evidenced by Mozambique’s initiative to set up field tests. Mozambique’s actions are a reflection of an accelerated adoption of biotechnology in Africa. This year’s world food day theme focused on investments in food security. Indubitably, this was an appropriate theme as the African continent is […]