August 22, 2017 | Latest Publications

High-quality, cost-effective, and technically sound communication products serve an important role in raising awareness, visibility, and understanding of sustainable land management (SLM) across TerrAfrica’s stakeholder base and beyond. An integrated and consistent image strengthens the overall product impact, helps to achieve short-term and long-term cost savings, and creates efficiencies in the partnership’s processes.

These brand guidelines, which are an integral part of the TerrAfrica strategic communication program, communication program, provide the basic building blocks and standards for the TerrAfrica visual style, help to ensure consistent use of its brand assets, and guide the creative output of staff, partners, stakeholders, and contractors.

This document defines easy-to-use standards that can support a variety of creative presentations. Applying this system and complying with the standards strengthens the partnership platform and the TerrAfrica identity, in addition to providing a visual peg for SLM products. TerrAfrica Brand & Visual Guidelines


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