About Coalitions


The coalition building activity line supports regional level efforts to operationalize the partnership platform, strengthen advocacy, and reinforce African leadership in support of SLWM investments.


Building a stronger coalition

For SLWM to work, sustained support and harmonized efforts at the national level and on the ground are needed to enhance efficiencies and allow economies of scale. To better address transboundary dimensions, significant and effective political, strategic and technical backing at the regional and global levels is necessary, it is also essential that efforts to mainstream SLWM are backed up by solid analytical underpinnings. The activity mobilizes partners in a coalition to advocate a common vision of SLWM, share analyses, set the foundations for strengthening and harmonizing policy dialogues and strategies, and improve coordination at all levels.


  • Build African-owned coalitions and strategic partnerships for SLWM at regional and global levels.
  • Develop inclusive regional dialogue and advocacy on strategic priorities, enabling conditions, and delivery mechanisms.

Activities and results

  • NEPAD assumed the management of the TerrAfrica Secretariat after the 2009 TerrAfrica Executive Committee meeting.
  • TerrAfrica side events at the UNCCD COP 9 advocated for SLWM in Africa and strengthened the networking of stakeholders on critical issues such as climate change, knowledge management for SLWM, and participation of the civil society to the SLWM agenda at the country level.
  • Strengthened capacity at regional and sub-regional levels allows NEPAD and the Regional Economic Communities to develop policy frameworks for SLWM and better support activities at the country level
  • The TAEC endorsed an 18-month communication strategy and work program in 2009, and the Secretariat delivered Brand and Visual Identity Guidelines for partnership publications.
  • The first issue of the TerrAfrica e-Newsletter launched late 2009. The newsletter is published in English and French.