June 9, 2017 | Latest Publications

Recent developments have seen forest landscape restoration (FLR) become widely recognized as an important means of not only restoring ecological integrity at scale but also generating additional local-to-global benefits.

This handbook presents the Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology (ROAM), which provides a flexible and affordable framework for countries to rapidly identify and analyze FLR potential and locate special areas of opportunity at a national or sub-national level.

The handbook offers practical advice and options to bear in mind when considering or conducting an FLR assessment using ROAM, as well as real-life examples of the kinds of outputs you can expect and will enable you to commission or design a tailor-made process to meet your specific needs. This “road-test” edition of the handbook is being circulated to engage others in the process of learning about — and improving — the methodology. The handbook is available in English and French.

A revised version of the handbook will be published at a later date in order to integrate learning from the road-testing process.

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